Interactive GIS Property Maps

Lincoln County Geographic Information Services is proud to present its new Interactive Online Property Maps.
We have recently updated to newer versions of mapping software and appreciate your patience in adjusting to the new format. Please take the time to examine the function buttons at the top of the map and zoom options on the left. Additional information and process is found by hovering over items of interest. Instructions for each map are provided below the map. We will continue to develop the content and user friendliness of these maps. We appreciate your feedback. You may contact us at 605-764-0101 or send us an email.  

County Property Map


Additional GIS Information Additional Election Information


DisclaimerData for these maps is in a continual state of update and correction. Mapped data shown in this application may need further substantiation and interpretation; therefore it is to be used for reference only.  Lincoln County offers no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.  This data does not constitute a legal survey nor does it constitute official validity. For documentaion of real property, consult the Register of Deeds office at the Lincoln County Courthouse


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