911 Communications


Lincoln County communications has a fully enhanced 911 system. This allows the caller's name and address to be displayed when the call is placed. Communications is responsible for dispatching fire, ambulance and law enforcement. Communications also provides these services to several other peripheral agencies. Communications handles emergency dispatching 24 hour a day.


Along with the emergency dispatch, the Communications center handles several administrative phone lines, maintains the warrant files, does all NCIC entries and handles routine police traffic for the two counties.


Lincoln County Communications has eleven full time dispatchers.

History of Department

Lincoln County Communications was established in 1992. This was done to provide 911 services to the people of Lincoln County. In 1995, with the closing of Parker State Radio, Turner County also needed these services and contracted with Lincoln County for them.

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

  • 24/7 Program
    Phone: 605-764-6604
  • Canton Police
    Phone: 605-987-5612
  • Humane Society
    Phone: 605-338-4441
  • Lennox Police
    Phone: 605-647-5299
  • Lincoln County Sheriff
    Phone: 605-764-5651
  • Metro Communications (Sioux Falls Dispatch)
    Phone: 605-367-7222
  • Poison Control
    Phone: 800-222-1222
  • Tea Police
    Phone: 605-498-5577
  • Turner County Sheriff
    Phone: 605-297-3225

Agencies Covered

  1. Ambulance
  2. Fire Departments
  3. Police Departments
  4. Sheriff's Departments