Auditor - Elections


The County Auditor serves as the clerk of the County Commission and records and preserves the records of the Commission proceedings. The Auditor is also responsible for preparing the agenda for the Commission meetings and for publishing the legal notices for the Commission. The County Auditor figures the tax levies for all taxing entities of the County and apportions the taxes collected by the County Treasurer. Other duties include:

  • Accounting of expenditures and revenues
  • Auditing claims and preparing the warrants for all disbursements
  • Keeping an inventory of County property
  • Overseeing revenues and net assets of the County
  • Preparing and publishing the annual budget
  • Preparing the annual report of expenditures
  • Preparing balance sheets
  • Preparing and handling payroll

Elections Supervisor Role

The Auditor is also the Election Supervisor for the County. These duties include:

  • Appointing and training of election officials
  • Counting of the ballots
  • Preparing and official canvass of the election
  • Preparing ballots
  • Registration of voters