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Bid Title: Services of Construction Manager/Project Manager
Category: Miscellaneous
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: Tegra Group


Request for Proposal – Services of Construction Manager/ Owner Representative 

Services/Project Manager

Section I


Lincoln County is soliciting proposals for construction management services/owner representative services/project manager provided in the planning and design phases of a public  improvement project. The Consultant would be expected to assist Lincoln County in identifying:

1. Services provided in the planning and design phases of a public improvement project  including:

(a) Consulting with, advising, assisting, and making recommendations to the public corporation and architect or engineer on all aspects of planning for project construction;

(b) Reviewing all plans and specifications as they are being developed and making recommendations with respect to construction feasibility, availability of material and labor, time requirements for procurement and construction, and projected costs;

(c) Making, reviewing, and refining budget estimates based on the public corporation's program and other available information;

(d) Making recommendations to the public corporation and the architect or engineer regarding the division of work in the plans and specifications to facilitate bidding and awarding of contracts;

(e) Soliciting the interest of capable contractors and assisting the public corporation in taking bids on the project;

(f) Analyzing the bids received and awarding contracts; and

(g) Preparing and monitoring a progress schedule during the design phase of the project and preparation of a proposed construction schedule.

2. Services provided in the construction phase of the public improvement project including:

(a) Maintaining competent supervisory staff to coordinate and provide general direction of the work and progress of the contractors on the project;

(b) Observing the work as it is being performed for general conformance with working drawings and specifications;

(c) Establishing procedures for coordinating among the public corporation, architect or engineer, contractors, and construction manager with respect to all aspects of the project and implementing labor policy in conformance with the requirements of the public corporation's policy and making recommendations;

(d) Reviewing and processing all applications for payment by involved contractors and material suppliers in accordance with the terms of the contract;

(e) Making recommendations for and processing requests for changes in the work and maintaining records of change orders;

(f) Scheduling and conducting job meetings to ensure orderly progress of the work;

(g) Developing and monitoring a project progress schedule, coordinating and expediting the work of all contractors, and providing periodic status reports to the owner and the architect and engineer; and

(h) Establishing and maintaining a cost control system and conducting meetings to review costs.

Section II


Lincoln County is a local governmental entity which is exploring construction of a Justice Center in Lincoln County South Dakota. The facility may contain a courthouse and correctional facilities see attachment A

The anticipated schedule for this project is as follows:

1. RFP issued — January 11, 2022.

2. Responses due – January 31, 2022

3. Interviews and contract award may occur – February 1, 2022

Section IV

Proposal Format and Content

Offerors should adhere to the following format and provide all of the information requested. The proposal must consist of the following sections:

• Introduction

• Understanding of the Project

• Methodology and Management Plan for the Project

• Experience and Qualifications

• Cost Proposal and Fees

Content for these sections is described as follows:


Proposals must include the complete name and address of the firm and the name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number of the person the County should contact regarding the proposal.

Proposals must confirm that the firm will comply with all of the provisions in the RFP and its understanding of Section VI of the RFP. Proposals must be signed by a company officer empowered to bind the company. An Offeror’s failure to include these items in its proposal may render such proposal non-responsive and constitute cause for its rejection.

Understanding of the Project

Offerors must provide a comprehensive narrative statement that illustrates an understanding of the requirements of the project and the project schedule.

Methodology and Management Plan for the Project

Offerors must provide a comprehensive narrative statement that sets out the methodology and management plan they intend to follow and illustrate how their plan will serve to accomplish the work and meet Lincoln County’s project schedule.

Experience and Qualifications

1. Provide a personnel roster that identifies each person who will actually work on the contract and provide the following information about each person listed (including the project leader):

   a. Résumé

   b. Prior experience related to this project

2. A list of three (3) minimum verifiable client references of similar scope and industry. This list may include current and former clients (with reason for cancellation if applicable) all of whom are able to comment on the Consultant’s related experience.

Cost Proposal and Fees

The Consultant will include a cost proposal specifically reflecting the method of determining charges for work performed. The Consultant may use any fee structure as long as the specific details, including the impact from commissions or other items, are disclosed. Lincoln County recognizes that consultants may have established relationships with particular vendors and that these relationships may impact the consultant’s or vendor’s fees and rates. The cost summary should be completed based on actual costs for completing the project assuming no relationship exists. Any commissions or compensation the consultant may receive from a vendor must be disclosed in the cost proposal as well as during the RFP review in order to ensure a fair comparison between both consultants and vendors.

Section V

Submission of Proposal

A. Proposals should be prepared in a straightforward manner to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content. Costs for developing proposals are entirely the responsibility of the Offeror and shall not be chargeable to Lincoln County.

B. The issuing office for the Request for Proposal is:

Auditors Office

104 N. Main Street, Suite 140

Canton, SD 57013

C. The proposal shall be signed by the Offeror. The signer must be a partner or principal of the firm. An unsigned proposal may be rejected.

D. Address or deliver the RFP to:

Auditors Office

104 N. Main Street, Suite 140

Canton, SD 57013

(605) 764-2581

E. Three (3) copies of the proposal must be received at the above location by 5 p.m. on January 31, 2022. The package the proposal is delivered in must be plainly marked “Proposal to Provide Construction management services.” A proposal shall be considered late and will be rejected if received at any time after the exact time specified for return of proposals.

F. Lincoln County is soliciting proposals with a bona fide intention to award a contract. However, this intent will not affect the right of Lincoln County to reject any, or all, proposals.

G. For selected finalists, Lincoln County may request representatives of the Offeror to appear for the purpose of interview and presentation of proposal. Travel expenses and costs related to the interview will be the responsibility of the Offeror.

H. In evaluating the proposals, price will not be the sole factor. Lincoln County may consider any factors it deems necessary and proper for best value including, but not limited to, price, quality of service, response to this request, experience, staffing, and general reputation.

I. The failure to meet all RFP policy requirements shall not automatically invalidate a proposal. The final decision rests with Lincoln County.

Section VI

Oral Presentation

An oral presentation with one or more of the firms submitting proposals may be required after all written proposals have been received by Lincoln County. The issuing office will schedule the time and place for interview. Each firm selected for an interview should be prepared to clarify and elaborate on the details set forth in their proposal.

Publication Date/Time:
1/1/2022 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
1/31/2022 5:00 PM
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