What documents do I need for Motor Vehicle and Boat Applications?

To speed up the titling process please be sure to include the following documents for your Motor Vehicle and Boat applications:

A Motor Vehicle and Boat titling application must be filled out and SIGNED on the second page of the application.

Indicate the way the names are to be joined (either "and" or "or") on the title application and the title or MSO or Title Reassignment Form (if applicable).  
If you pick “and” all owners must sign every document.

If you are mailing in your information, please include the following information via note or letter: 

  • Do you have plates to transfer or do you  need new plates? 
  • Do you have a lienholder? Please include contact information. 
  • Include your daytime phone number so we can reach you at with any additional questions we may have.
  • Boats and trailers are titled, taxed and licensed separately.

*Fees are calculated at the time your paperwork is received. The amount on line 13 of your title application does not include registration.

Additional Motor Vehicle Forms can be found at the Department Of Revenue website.

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1. What documents do I need for Motor Vehicle and Boat Applications?
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